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Dr. Riskevich
This is a good Dr for pain management. We went here a few weeks ago. Dr Riskevitch was patient and worth seeing. Kudos to the staff as well. How can i say thank you to this practice for help me in the most difficult of time. The care and attention is genuine and i am healing property. After my accident it was a mess. Thanks to the care of the dr and staff, life is getting better. The Dr and Staff was proactive. This i appreciated. A few months later and i am feeling alot better. Thank you Dr Riskevitch. I came here with my wife for treatment. We were both in a car accident. The quality of care is a plus. The Dr is very kind and patient so if the staff. For pain management, i recommend dr Riskevitch. Love love love him and his staff he's awesome he's been treating me for different issues for over 20 yesrs. This practice helped me so much. Was in so much pain after i fell in 2016. Dr Riskevitch and staff got me on my feet again. I got referred to Dr Riskevich by my family doctor. He was complete with me and gave me Allthrin. I am taking it now and hope it will help with my pain
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HCG Treatments

Lose pounds daily with this hormonal therapy from Dr. Riskevich.
You’ve probably struggled with your weight at some point in your life, and that point might be right now. Whether you want to lose a few pounds before a big event, such as your wedding day, or you simply want to slim down for improved self-confidence and happiness, we’ve got a treatment for you: hCG treatments for weight loss. The hCG diet has assisted many patients in losing weight. It is a doctor-supervised weight loss program that will help you lose weight fast and safely. Dr. Michael Riskevich noticed how popular hCG treatments had become, and he recoginized the success rate of this weight loss treatment, which is why he added it to the menu of services available at our non-surgical cosmetic treatments office in Brooklyn, NY.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG, is a hormone found naturally in pregnant women. It’s produced by the placenta, and doctors have used it as a fertility treatment. Now we’ve harnessed the power of this hormone to affect metabolism and use it as a weight loss tool. With injectable hCG administered by Dr. Michael Riskevich in Brooklyn, NY, you can lose one or two pounds per day and achieve your dream body in no time.

How Does hCG Work?
The hCG diet involves the combination of a small amount of hCG with a low-calorie diet. hCG works in a couple of different ways. It reduces your appetite, changing your eating habits by helping you to reduce your intake of calories. hCG affects the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls how much you eat. By changing the metabolic cues that the hypothalamus uses to determine how much you need to eat, it can reduce cravings. Furthermore, by “resetting” the hypothalamus and when the diet is completed you may eat normally but yet keep the weight off for life.

By properly following the hCG protocol, you could lose an average of 1 to 2 lbs per day. A very small amount of hCG could disconnect the mobile fat of people’s body, burn and discharge the unwanted fat through the kidneys. hCG hormone is capable to open fat cell membranes so that fatty acids are able to leave fat cells.

Those who are on the hCG diet stick to a strictly applied 500 Calorie diet daily, leading to reduced glycogen and low glucose in the blood. In other words, the low calorie diet causes you to release your unwanted fat (abnormal fat), leaving your normal fat (good fat) and lean body mass, while helping your hypothalamus to reset your system to a normal weight, allowing you to keep your weight while eating healthy foods post diet.

HCG treatment can help you lose fat in spots where you’ve had extreme trouble losing the extra inches. It specifically targets fat in the hips, abdomen, upper arms, and thighs. HCG treatment for weight loss can also help you avoid the sagging excess skin that sometimes occurs after losing a lot of weight.

If you’re wondering about the safety of hCG treatments for weight loss, let us assure you that this method has been safely used for over half a century. Since 1954, patients have reliably found weight loss success with hCG treatments. There are rarely side effects reported while using hCG diet injections, or oral hCG for weight loss purpose in the past decades.

You can find hCG in pills, pellets, and drops, but we highly recommend that you make an appointment with Dr. Riskevich for hCG injections. The hCG found in supplemental forms will only be partially absorbed by the body, while injectable hCG treatments for weight loss are completely absorbed. This makes doctor-administered hCG more effective.

Contact our Brooklyn cosmetic and weight loss office today for an appointment. Located in Sheepshead Bay, we serve all of Brooklyn, including Brighton, Manhattan Beach, Mill Basin, and Coney Island, as well as all of Greater New York.